Race nutrition is a favourite topic for most triathletes. Everyone has an opinion on what is the best, and what you should avoid. I try to keep it simple, and ideally I live off the course. Most races offer Gatorade on the bike, so that is what I usually use. I haven’t tried most of the other products that exist because I’ve found Gatorade does the trick and I don’t need to carry lots of bottles, or worry about mixing powders. For calories on the bike I cut stroopwafels in half and carry them in my bento. When it’s time to run I rely on flat Coke.

Everyone’s plan is very individual, but I try to drink a bottle of Gatorade every 45-50 minutes, and eat half a stroopwafel every 15-20minutes. On the run I get in as much Coke as possible from aid stations.

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