Syracuse 70.3 is this weekend.  Right now it’s the longest triathlon, and only 70.3, I have planned.  Technically it would be considered an A race, but I give it my all in every race and don’t necessarily consider any race a B race.

When I got back from Asia and began training I had this race targeted on my calendar.  I didn’t have a specific goal for the race, but I figured as I went through the training a goal would develop organically.  Well, I’m less than 36 hours from the gun and I still don’t have a specific goal.  In terms of time I’d be disappointed if I was slower than the 4:57 I did on this weekend last year at Tremblant 70.3, but I don’t have a specific number I’m focused on.  With that said here are my thought on S/B/R heading into the race.


I had planned on swimming twice a week for the past 8 weeks, but that didn’t happen.  I only swam Mondays, and I’d get in between 2000-2600m.  Last year at Tremblant 70.3 I had a surprisingly good swim; I stayed on course and managed to stay on fast feet most of the way.  I’ll be in tough to match or beat my time of 32:31 from last year.  I have got in some good workouts in the pool, but I just did not make a big enough commitment to really improve.


I feel like I’ve been able to improve my cycling considerably.  First with TrainerRoad, and then getting a PowerTap, I’ve done a lot more quality workouts on the bike this year than last.  Out on the road I feel stronger than I felt last year, but I really don’t know how I managed to pull off a 2:35 bike split last year, so this time will also be very difficult for me to improve upon this year.


Run training started off a little slow in January.  This was due to a mix of brutal weather, and a disheartening amount of fitness loss since my peak running fitness in November at the Hamilton Marathon.  But as I got into it I started knocking out some really great workouts.  This year I did my long runs by time and added some quality to them.  For example a 1:40 run would consist of 15min warm-up, 7 x 3min hard, 7min easy, 15min cool down.  This helped me break up the monotony of long runs and allowed me get in some quicker paces on tired legs.  This is an area where I do think I can see improvements over last year.  Last year I ran a 1:42:58.  I don’t have a specific goal time this year, but I would be disappointed if I ran over 1:40.


I feel pretty good.  Cambridge Sprint Triathlon last weekend went well and allowed me to shake out a few cobwebs.  I think my nutrition is better this year than it has ever been, I’m eating well but also have a balance to satisfy cravings.  My weight is around 170lbs, maybe just under, which is a few pounds lighter than last year.

I’m excited to get to Syracuse tomorrow (Saturday), take in the energy at the Expo, and then race Sunday.  Perhaps as I set up my transition area race morning I’ll settle on some goal times, but for now I’ll say my goal is to make my legs hate me and feel my lungs burn.

All it takes is all you’ve got.