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VLOG 21 – Skechers GoRun 5 Amazing Race Toronto

Last week I was fortunate to get to take part in the Skechers GoRun 5 Amazing Race Toronto. It was a great event that had us racing all over the city. We had to find clues and complete challenges at Casa Loma, the Railway Museum near the CN Tower, St. Lawrence Market,...

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VLOG 20 – Tips to Help You Get to Kona

I've had a number of people ask me if I have any tips or advice to help them break through and qualify for Kona. I'm not a coach, but there's a number of lessons I've learned that I think are both useful and applicable to a number of people. It's not always...

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VLOG 19 – Tips to Make Your Wetsuit Last

I'm proud to have partnered with Dare2Tri Wetsuits this year. The Challenge 4Speed Wetsuit I'll be racing in this year is a big upgrade over what I've been wearing in the past, and I want my wetsuit to last. I contacted Alex de Boer, founder of Dare2Tri, for tips on...

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VLOG 18 – No Bike, No Pool? Make Lemonade

My bike was in for repairs all week and I had a big bike focus planned. To pile on, the pool at my condo was closed. It wasn't the week of training I had planned, but all I could do was make lemonade out of it. I shifted gears to a run focus and reintroduced strength...

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VLOG 17 – Giving My Bike A Plasti Dip Makeover

This week I once again focus on my bike and focus on my process to Plasti-dip my bike. In Vlog 15 I looked at some of the unique aspects of my bike, this week I give it a makeover. I decided that after 5 years of riding my Pinarello FT1 she needed a new look. I gave...

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VLOG 15 – My $1100 Kijiji Super Bike

TT and triathlon bikes are awesome, but damn can they be expensive. This week I give you a look at my tri bike, a 2008 Pinarello FT1. It's my current, first, and only TT bike that I bought in 2012 for $1100 on Kijiji. She had her left shifter and front derailleur...

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