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IM Lake Placid 7 & 6 Weeks Out

The last two weeks of training have been really important weeks for me.  I did my first pro race, IM 70.3 Eagleman, and I did a 5-day training camp in Lake Placid. 7 Weeks Out After racing Milton I took Monday off.  I didn't have too much planned for this week because...

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VLOG 25 – 5 Tips For A Faster Bike Split

This week I've got 5 tips for a for a faster bike split. All of these tips are affordable solutions to save you big time come race day: 1. A better bike position - you account for about 80% of the drag on your bike. 2. A clean drivetrain - grit and grime are robbing...

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VLOG 24 – My NEW Kijiji Super Bike

I got a new bike - a 2009 Cervelo P4. I was reluctant, but after a bolt broke inside in old frame for a third time, I pulled the trigger. Once again I turned to Kijiji when hunting for a bike, and I think I found a good one. It feels a bit different than my old bike....

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VLOG 23 – Let’s Talk Running Shoes

This week I talk running shoes. Walking into a running specialty store and seeing the vast array of shoes can be overwhelming. I talk about the 4 pairs of shoes from Skechers I wear to train and race in: the GoRun Ride 6, the GoRun 5, the GoMeb Razor, and the GoMeb...

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