Sunday was the second Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon of the year at Lifetime Ajax.  My first Indoor Tri was their first race in January.  Unbeknownst to my competitors, it was also the third legs in the GTA Indoor Triathlon Triple Crown!  I had captured the first two legs (Lifetime Indoor Tri 1, and TTC Indoor Tri), but the third and final legs could be the most difficult with local stud Matt Leduc throwing his hat into the ring.


My swim has seemed to have plateaued, and even regressed in the last few weeks.  I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing with my technique, fatigue, or that fact that they’ve cranked the heat in my condo pool so that is resembles a hot tub.  I swam 28 lengths at the first Lifetime race, and I wanted to better that number this time.

The whistle sounded and we were off.  I usually do my first lap a little rich before settling into my pace.  There was a big digital clock on the far wall, so it was easy to see how I was doing when I would turn (I did open turns).  My first lap was 0:35.  After that I held a pretty steady 0:40 per lap.  I felt good in the water and tried to focus on being long and lean.  I was on pace to swim 30 lengths.  At one point I tried to pick it up to see if I could squeeze out another length, but I didn’t end up going any faster.  I tried not to pay attention to any of the other swimmers in the water.  I felt very aware of what my body was doing in the water, and although I was working, I felt very calm.  I was so sure of my pace that when I completed my 30th lap I began to get out of the water without looking at the clock.  The whistle blew just as I was getting out.

10:00 Swim – 30 lengths (25 yards) – 1:29/100m pace

I wouldn’t say the swim was as well organized as last time.  I didn’t hear any of the Lifetime people go over the rules, it seemed like it was assumed we did the race in January and knew everything.  I did do that race, so it didn’t cause any problems for me, but I was surprised by that.


I learned from last time that 10:00 to get to the bikes can fly by.  I quickly showered off with a little soap and cold water, and then was putting on tri shorts and a t shirt, and on my way up to the bikes.  I knew I had to adjust the seat height to 9.5.  I didn’t have to rush, I could organize everything and get settled in before it was time to go.


I wanted to hold at least 350W on the bike (I recalled that the bikes seemed to read a little higher than my PM).  I set that target right from the beginning, and stayed close to it for the entire 30:00.  Mentally I tried to break the ride up in to 5:00 segments.  The room was hot and it wasn’t long before I began getting uncomfortable.  Fortunately I was in a good rhythm, and I didn’t have to adjust the resistance.  Last time I was biking right next to Ryan.  We could see each others screens, and I can’t speak for Ryan, but it made me push harder on the bike.  I didn’t have that this time, and mentally it was more difficult to dig deep.  I was happy to make it to 15:00 at just over 350W, knowing I was half way and just needed to bring it back home.  In the second half I was getting really hot and started squirting some cold water down my back, which helped.  The last few minutes I increased the resistance ever so slightly and pushed that all the way to the finish.

Working on the bike

Working on the bike

30:00 bike – 356W (I think), 13.7mi, 44km/h pace


I remembered from last time that T2 also flies by.  Switching from bike shoes to run shoes and getting downstairs doesn’t seem like much, but last time I was at my treadmill only about 0:30 before the run started.  I tried to be quick.  When I got down to the treadmills it didn’t seem very well organized.  At the last race everyone from one wave ran in a row.  This time everyone was scattered.  I ended up off on my own separated from the main group.  I’m not sure if they gave any instructions because I couldn’t hear anything until they yelled GO.


My goal was to maintain 10.0 on the treadmill.  I didn’t manage to do it last time, but I hoped I was a little fitter now.  About 6:00 in I realized that I was really working to maintain the pace.  I tried to relax and just take it a minute at a time.  I tried to zone out and run, and the minutes kept ticking off.  With 2:00 to go I bumped up my speed to 10.5 and just held on until the finish.  In the end I was exhausted!

Hanging on

Hanging on

20:00 run – 5.35km – 3:44/km


I was happy with how I did.  I managed to improve on my results from January in all 3 sports.  I was most pleased with my run.  I was able to maintain my goal pace throughout, and then push it in the end.  I was surprised at just how fast Matt ran.  In 20:00 he put about 800m into me.  It’s an understatement to say that he is a much faster runner than I am, but 800m is massive, especially after a swim and bike.  At the speed I was running 800m is about 3:00.  In a heads up race I’d need 3:00 off the bike to hope to hold on for the win.