I didn’t stay on top of keeping writing about my training on a weekly basis in January so here’s a review of the month.

It’s All About the Bike

In January I rode 30 times in 31 days.  Most of my rides were 1 hour, and 28 of them were with Trainer Road.  According to my Trainer Road FTP test (which is +/- 30 watts in accurate, but consistent) my FTP Dec 31 was 250 watts, which put me at about 3.2watts/kg.  Again, this is likely high, but for as long as I use the same setup it will give me a reading that is consistently off by the same amount, so the numbers can be useful for myself.  I spent the month following the 6 week Sweet Spot Base I plan.  At the time of writing I have 1 week left, and at that time I will test again.  Based on the rides I’ve done I expect my FTP to move closer to 270 watts after my next test.

I really like using Trainer Road.  The workouts are structured, and the little virtual power bar keeps me motivated to keep pushing through a workout.  The Sweet Spot Base I plan has 3 workouts a week.  On days I didn’t have a workout scheduled I’d pick one from the list of options (usually a 60 minute one, but sometimes I’d go for a shorter 45 min workout).

I’m really happy with where my cycling is at.  I hadn’t ridden since Muskoka (early September) and I think I’ve got most of my power back (I didn’t have any sort of power last year so I don’t really know).  Endurance for the 4+ hour rides is a different story, but that’s not really something I’m interested in working on while I’m riding inside.

The Run

I didn’t end up running very much in January.  This was a mix of my cycling focus, and poor weather.  We had a lot of VERY COLD days, and sidewalks were slippery.  I ran 7 times in January.  6 of the runs were at an easy 5:00-5:10/km pace.  I did 1 quicker 5k to see where I was at and managed 20:45.  I was happy I wasn’t further off my 5k time from October, but still a little disappointed because of the time that I’d lost.  As the weather improves into February I will be shifting into more of a run focus that includes a structured plan.

Swimming…..or lack there of

I didn’t get into the pool once in January.  I haven’t done a swim workout since August.  But…..I’m not too concerned.  I will try to get into the pool a few times in February, but I wont really pick it up until March.  I plan to do a really heavy swim week (about 20k) sometime then to really focus on my stroke and improving efficiency.  I’m also considering working with a coach once a week, or every couple of weeks to improve my technique.  Last year I improved my swim, but those improvements had stalled by May and I never really got any quicker.  This is where I think a coach can help.