It’s finally Ironman Maryland Race Week!  42 weeks in the making.  Here are some numbers to summarize those 294 days:

  • 608 hours of exercise
  • Averaged approximately 14.5 hours of exercise a week, 2 hours of exercise a day
  • I worked out on 277 of 294 days
  • Swam 115:14:24 for a total of 352,567m (I think it’s pretty cool I averaged over 1km of swimming per day)
  • Cycled 330:14:25 (most of which was inside so I don’t have an approximate distance)
  • Ran 154:26:49 for 2,010km (104k was my longest run week)
  • 22-hours 16-minutes was my biggest week (long weekend in Lake Placid)
  • 4-hours 14-minutes was my shortest week (week after Tremblant 70.3 when I was drained)
  • Longest swim was 4,122m (OWS in Lake Placid)
  • Longest ride was 214.4km (Goodwood)
  • Longest run was 30.3km (Leslie Spit)
  • FTP increased to 330W from 310W (I was aiming for 350W, so I only got halfway there)
  • 3 races in 2016 I was really happy with (Esprit, Toronto Triathlon Festival, Achilles 5k)
  • 1 race in 2016 I was really disappointed by (Tremblant 70.3)


The work is done, I’m ready to race.