A lot has been said about IM Maryland, and their decision to cancel the swim and shorten the bike. I wont get into that. I’ve written a long and wordy race report which you can find HERE. I’ve condensed the report into a shortened version, which you can find below.

Pre Race

  • My main goal for the race was to try to break 9-hours. My plan to get there was S – 57 B – 4:40 R – 3:05
  • Got to the race site Thursday. After checking in I did a quick swim and learned very quick why it was called the Choptank.
  • After the swim I drove the bike course. In the Blackwater Refuge area there were multiple stretches of 200m under 6-inches of water.
  • Race morning I got to transition around 5:30AM. The water seemed a little calmer than the previous days. I assumed we were swimming, put nutrition on my bike and got ready to race.


  • Was first delayed 30 minutes, and then cancelled. Race was going to be a bike-run with a TT start by bib number. Suddenly the AWA program seemed to have a real benefit, I had a low bib number and would only have to wait about 10 minutes to start. Some people would wait 2-hours.


  • I grabbed my T1 bag and changed into run stuff. I was getting cold so I took time to really dry off.


  • This was the start of the race.
  • I took the first 10 minutes easy. There are some 90* turns and I didn’t want to risk my race going around an early corner.
  • The first loop of the bike was pretty spread out. I was able to make my way through the field relatively easy. I only saw blatant drafting once, when 6 guys were team TTing. I also only saw one drafting official the entire time.
  • The second loop was far more congested. Riders were spread out across the road so I had to be careful working my way through. There were a couple cars that got onto the course that I also got stuck behind.
  • Nutrition was 1/2 a waffel or a gel every 20min. I meant to drink at least 5 bottles of Gatorade but only drank 4.
  • 160k bike – 4:01:42, 243AP, 247NP


  • I switched into full run gear – split shorts and singlet. I did this in Whistler last year, it only takes a couple seconds, and found it a lot more comfortable. Also, it makes you stand out so you get a lot more cheers.


  • I was told I was 6-7 minutes down to the first person on the course. I’m not really interested in Kona right now, and my sub-9 hopes went out the window when the course was shortened, so I decided I’d go for broke and try to catch the leader on the course (again, not necessarily the actual leader because of the TT start). I was going to shoot for a 3-hour marathon instead of my planned 3:05.
  • My first loop went well, I was running well and on pace, though I didn’t seem to make any inroads on the leader
  • My second loop I began to struggle. The course was a lot busier, and I found someone to run with to try to pace off of.
  • I crossed half way in 1:30, but things were trending down.
  • The third loop I was in survival mode. In the final mile of the race someone came absolutely flying by me.
  • Nutrition was Coke the first loop, a gel, Coke and a little water on the second loop, and whatever I could grab on the third.
  • I ran 3:09:36


  • 7:14:38

Post Race Thoughts

  • Lots of fast runs out there. I usually have one of the best run splits, and my doors were blown off by a number of guys. 12 people ran faster, 4 guys ran sub 3:00, and the winner ran 2:50!!!
  • The water on the run was like nothing I’ve seen before. I only had to deal with it once, but some people had to run through it 12+ times.
  • Even though things got pretty dark for me in the second half of the run I’m glad I went for it.

Also a shout out to my girlfriend, Lisa Goetz, who ran down 1st and 2nd females on the course in the final mile to take the OA female win!