Block 1 of 3 in preparation for IM Maryland is complete.  Overall I’m happy with how my overall fitness has progressed; swim and run are going well, but my bike needs some additional work.  This initial block I was focusing on running, and I was happy to get in some great speed workouts.

The Plan

  • My plan was to have a run focus for this block 3 week block.  This included a weekly track session and tempo run, as well as a long run that had some intervals, and a few easy runs throughout the week.
  • I had planned on doing my first simulation day (4 hour ride, 2 hour run), but scratched it after my first long ride went so poorly
  • I had no races planned during this block
  • I wasn’t planning on following a specific Trainer Road plan because the focus was on the run, but I did still wanted to hit some good bike workouts

By the numbers:

  • 58 hours of total training (about 19.33 hours/week)
  • 6:33:21 of swimming (11.3%)
  • 20,272m of total swim distance (3,250m was my longest swim)
  • 33:45:49 of cycling (58.1%)
  • Estimated 1,066k of cycling distance (214k was my longest ride)
  • 17:48:29 of running (30.6)
  • 227k of total run distance (30.3k was my longest run)
  • 2 open was swims (the 3rd was cancelled because of weather)
  • 0 strong indoor bike workouts
  • 2 flat tires
  • 3 track workouts
  • 2 tempo runs
  • 0 days with no workouts
Training breakdown

Training breakdown

What went well:

  • I regained confidence in my running.  My track sessions went really well.  I was able to hit my paces and run strong.  My long runs also went really well, and I don’t find the long runs nearly as daunting as I once did.
  • I’m happy with my open water swimming.  I don’t think I necessarily got faster, but I’ve gotten very comfortable in open water.  I’ve gotten better at sighting, and navigating slower swimmers.
  • I tested gels as my fuel on my long rides and it seemed to work well.  I was taking a gel every 25min, and aiming to drink a bottle of Gatorade every 50min.  This might be a little on the low side of calories, but it’s worked pretty well.
Running 800s at Riverdale

Running 800s at Riverdale

What didn’t go well:

  • My first long ride my lower back was really sore.  My second long ride again I was sore, and I think my goal watts are too high because I cracked at 3:30:00.  I was trying to hold 250+ watts and my legs just gave up around 125k.
  • I didn’t make time for quality bike workouts on the trainer.  I can’t forget that the bike makes up over half of the race, and as such cannot be on the back-burner.

What’s next:

  • Recovery week.  This week is a recovery week for me before my next 3 week block.
  • Bike focus.  I really need to make sure I can be comfortable (no lower back pain), and lay down good power on the bike for over 4.5 hours.  Maryland is flat so I don’t want to have to be getting out of aero to stretch out my back/neck.
  • Big days.  Lisa and I are going to Lake Placid for 4 days where I plan on putting in some big milage.  Also, I’m hoping to join Anne and Frank for their big day workout.  And, I’m looking to get a group together to head to Welland for a big day of training.