9 Weeks Out

After a big run week last week my focus shifted back to the bike.  I had 3 key workouts I wanted to hit:

  1. 3x30min just over 70.3 race pace
  2. VO2 Interval workout
  3. Long ride feeling good on the bike.

Here’s how those workouts went:

1. Wednesday morning – 3x30min trainer workout (TrainerRoad workout – Spruce Knob +1)

  • Really happy with the workout, I put out 277, 279 and 274 power
  • Power dropped a little on the last interval, I think due to being low on fuel
  • A couple years ago I did 2x30min (Spruce Knob on TR) and it helped me build confidence to hold good power for long intervals, so I was pumped to do 3×30.

2. Friday morning – VO2 Interval workout

  • I couldn’t even make it through the warmup, my legs were fried
  • Instead of pushing it I decided to spin out my legs and then incorporate some VO2 interval work into my long ride the following day

3. Saturday – Long ride (160k planned, 145k completed)

  • Another bad ride.  I was really excited to ride out in Milton, I hadn’t done much riding in the area and had heard good things.  I felt okay when we started, but that quickly changed.
  • It was a mix of our route changing because of constructions, some really chewed up roads, and not feeling great that this ride became a struggle just to get through.
  • Back to back weekends, and all of my outdoor rides on my new bike haven’t gone to plan


  • The week started on a high, but then came crashing down.  I was really excited to hit Wednesdays workout, but my next two key sessions in the week really sucked.
  • I need to put more of a focus on recovery.  I have recovery boots, and I need to use them more.  Also more of a focus on stretching after workouts, and getting in some good fuel right away when I’m finished.
  • I also think that doing a hard run Tuesday morning, my toughest swim of the week Tuesday evening, and then a solid bike Wednesday morning takes a bit too much out of me.  I have to be more conscious of that moving forward.


8 Weeks Out

After a solid bike Wednesday, and then two failed sessions later in the week, again this week I was going to focus on my bike, and I had my first race of the season, the Milton Sprint Triathlon, to dust off the cobwebs.  I again had 3 workouts I wanted to nail:

  • Hard interval workout on the trainer
  • Solid 100k ride outside with a steady 5k brick
  • Milton Sprint Triathlon

Here’s how it went:

1. Thursday Bike Intervals – 5×1:00, 10×4:00

  • This is a very tough, but manageable workout.  I always wonder how I’ll get through it, but after each interval is some good recovery time, so I try to just take it 1 interval at a time.
  • Really excited to hit this workout.  I’d fallen short over the last few weeks trying to hit it, so it was a big confidence boost to get through the entire workout.
  • This is a workout I want to build on as I get closer to Placid.

2. Saturday 100k ride, 5k run

  • Finally a good ride outside!  Right from the start I felt good and comfortable, and I was putting out decent power.
  • I did 3x15k intervals.  My original plan was to do them at 5k@250, 5k@260, 5k@270, but quickly shifted to 5k@260, 5k@270, 5k@280.
  • Where I did the intervals there are long gradual uphills and downhills, so I got good practice holding power both flying downhill, and grinding back up.
  • Really really happy to have hit this workout and feel super comfortable on my P4
  • The run was a good run, I wanted to run hard for 3k and then cruise home the final 2k.  I managed to do that

3. Milton Sprint (Strava Bike, Strava Run)

  • Was excited to race, but forgot my racebelt (in my checklist I forgot that I needed one).  Fortunately Peter was able to lend me one.
  • I had more contact than normal in the swim.  I was close to the buoy line and felt like I got a little boxed in off the start.  My chest felt tight and I was anxious to the first turn.  I just kept reminding myself to relax and breath.  After the turn I was able to loosen up and bit and I began to get into a rhythm.
  • On the bike I planned on going hard from the start and charging up 6th Line Hill.  Maybe I went too hard, maybe yesterdays workout took more out of my legs than planned, but as I was continuing up 6th Line my legs felt completely flat and my power really dropped off.  I wanted to overage 300W for the ride, but actually averaged 276.
  • Out on the run I felt very stiff.  I was happy with the effort I was able to give, but I wasn’t smooth at all.  Lisa commented to me after that I didn’t look good running at all.  I ran a hair slower than planned, and was passed 150m from the line, but I gave what I had on the day.
  • Happy to have the first one out of the way.

Race Results


  • Good week of training for me.  Not only did my key sessions go pretty well, but overall I hit 70k running and over 15k swimming.
  • Really glad to feel good outside on the bike.
  • I was happy with my effort in Milton despite not feeling super strong on the day.