Over the last couple weeks my focus has been recovering from my big training block in Lake Placid, and then getting in some long quality rides.

5 Weeks Out

After putting in a big block in Lake Placid priority number one was absorbing all that training and recovering. I only had one key workout:

  • A good race at the MultiSport Canada Long Course Triathlon

Here’s how the week went:

Recovery – Monday to Wednesday I really took it easy.

  • Monday was off, Tuesday I did a 30-minutes swim and 30-minute run, and Wednesday a 30-minute swim.
  • When I tried to get some quality going Thursday I felt flat and tired and kept the rest of the work easy.

Welland LC Triathlon (BIKE file, RUN file, Results)

  • I was happy with the race as a whole
  • I felt like I had a strong swim, but then had no power on the bike.  I was able to close out the race with a surprisingly strong run
  • This race was a good reminder to keep persevering, even when a race isn’t going as planned (really low power on the bike, but then a great run)


  • I’d say this was a good week.  My training was pretty light, but absorbing the training from last week was really important.
  • I was happy to get another race under my belt.  There’s no substitute for actually getting out there and racing.  My bike wasn’t where I wanted it to be, but otherwise it was a really great race for me.

4 Weeks Out

This week is all about the bike.  Before this week I had done 180k twice (both in Lake Placid), one 4.5-hour trainer ride, and one other ride over 4-hours.  It’s getting to crunch time, and I not only need to get some big rides in my legs, I need some quality big rides in my legs.  A secondary goal for this week was to get in 18-20k in the water.  I had 3 key workouts, plus my swim goal:

  • 4-hour trainer ride
  • 4.5-hour trainer ride
  • 5-hour ride outside
  • 18-20k in the pool

Here’s how the week went:

Tuesday – 4 Hour Trainer Ride: 6×20, 1×60 (Strava)

  • Ride went really well, this was a big confidence booster
  • I wanted to hold between 245-250W for my intervals but I was closer to 255W
  • The 60-minute interval at the end was more of a mental struggle than a physical struggle

Thursday – 4.5 Hour Trainer Ride: 6×23, 1×70 (Strava)

  • The slightly longer intervals presented a mental challenge, but I hit all my watts and I felt like a did a good job with this workout

Saturday – 5 Hour Outdoor Ride: 6x16k, 1x45k (Strava)

  • My first quality long ride outdoors of the year!
  • I did an 8k out and back over and over for this workout.  It was shaped like a valley so I got to work on holding power at high and low speed
  • This was my best, and most important workout yet

18-20k in the pool

  • Only managed 12k
  • I was in good shape to meet my goal until Saturday.  I came down with a bit of a cold and decided to stay out of the water and get a little extra rest


  • I finally feel ready to take on an Ironman this year
  • I still have more work to do, but it’s great to have finally done some long and quality work on the bike
  • On all 3 rides I focused on getting good fuel in throughout the ride, and didn’t have any stomach problems
  • I came down with a bit of a cold Saturday, which could have been brought on by all the cumulative fatigue of my workouts.  I need to be careful with this in the final stretch