It’s time for the final training push in week 3, and then hit the taper in week 2.

3 Weeks Out

It’s time to get in the final couple key sessions before I shut things down to taper.  My focus for the week is:

  • Big swim week, I want to get in at least 20k
  • Long, quality bike trainer workout (4-hours)
  • Long-ish brick on the weekend

Here’s how the week went:

Big Swim Week – 20,317m

  • I swam 8 times this week for 20,317m
  • I got in an Oper Water Swim at Cherry beach – it was great to get outside
  • 2 swims of at least 4,000m and Saturday I totalled 7,000m

4-hour Trainer Ride (6×20, 60)

  • I fell flat on this workout.  Early on I felt alright, but my 5th and 6th intervals the perceived effort really increased.  I decided to pull the plug 20-minutes into my 60-minute interval.
  • I think the cumulative fatigue was just built up in my legs.  I could have muscled through a little longer, but I didn’t want to risk digging myself into a hole of fatigue

Saturday 2200m swim, 6x20min trainer ride, 20k run

  • My brick became more of a triathlon
  • I had a good swim/bike, but out on the run it was really warm and I didn’t bring any fluid so I was hurting
  • Overall happy with this session, which is my last long one before Placid


  • Another good week, I hit 2 of my 3 main objectives
  • Although I would have liked to have hit my 4-hour trainer ride, I’m not overly concerned about it
  • I was feeling really good in the pool, when I get in 14,000m+ in the pool in a week I seem to feel the water a lot better

2 Week Out – Taper Time

It’s taper time.  The heavy lifting is complete and it’s time to let the body absorb all the training while trying to keep fitness levels at their peak.  My focus would be:

  • 1 day completely off
  • Keep up swim volume – at least 14,000m
  • Gravenhurst Olympic Tri

Here’s how the week went:

1 Day Off

  • I rarely take a day completely off.  I have plenty of active recovery days, but rarely do I have nothing days.
  • I took Monday off.  It’s not something that’s a mental struggle for me like it can be for some, it’s just not something I normally do

14,600m Swimming

  • I was able to keep up my swim volume
  • It wasn’t a huge week like like week, but I feel good when I can get in at least 14,000m and I accomplished that
  • My only open water swim was at the Gravenhurst Olympic, and I felt really strong in the water and came out 3rd

Gravenhurst Olympic Triathlon (Bike File, Run File)

  • I had some questions as to why I would race this race.  My training motivation often nose-dives during taper, and I wanted to make sure I had some good intensity.  I planned on keeping my pace on the run under control so I didn’t trash my legs.  If this race wasn’t happening I would have done a similar workout 8 days before the race, it likely just would have been a little longer at slightly lower intensity
  • I felt strong across swim, bike, and run
  • I had a good day, and didn’t have to completely empty the tank, which again will help recover quickly


  • Great week of taper – I got in some quality rest, got good swim milage, and felt great in Gravenhurst