I’m 10 weeks out from Ironman Lake Placid.  IMLP will be my first ‘pro’ Ironman race.  I’ve never raced Placid before, but I’ve been there 4 times to train and I’m very familiar with the course.  

In the countdown to race day I’ve decided I want to keep a log of how my training is going, week-by-week.  I’ll focus on the key session for the week.  Typically I’ll pick a couple of key sessions that will be my weeks focus.  I will sacrifice other workouts if I need to for the key sessions.  

This week was a run focus.  My quality runs haven’t been where I need them to be, especially tempo efforts.  This needed to change, so my week was set up around:

  • A 25k-ish long run with a 15k tempo effort
  • Fast 4:00 intervals

Additionally, after getting a new bike over the weekend I needed to get outside for my first outdoor ride of the year.

Here is how the workouts went:

Tuesday morning long run w/15k tempo

  • Really happy with tempo effort and overall run.  Tempo was 58:30 (3:51/km pace) and overall run was 4:08/km pace.
  • Got into a good rhythm and knocked out kilometers.
  • My first week doing a Tuesday morning tempo.  I had too much Coke before I left and could feel it in my stomach when I started running.
  • Took me longer to warmup and get into the run than planned (5-6k instead of 3k)
  • I didn’t take any nutrition, though I had some flat Coke and a gel with me.


Thursday morning 6×4:00 intervals

  • Good, not great, run.
  • I wanted to run on treadmill to control/force speed, but the condo treadmills suck and couldn’t get up to speed.
  • Legs felt a little fatigued, but intervals all seemed to be around 3:30/km pace.
  • 0:30 rest, 1:30 jog between intervals.


Saturday long ride (160k)

  • Very up and down ride for me.  Felt great leaving Rouge Go.  Then my energy crashed.  I had a couple good spurts including a 20min TT @ 289W and a couple solid 5k TTs.
  • Bike felt good and comfortable.  Bar tape not as comfortable though, I could feel all the road vibrations.
  • Glad to get the first long ride in the books.



  • Overall a successful week of training.  Bike workouts weren’t quite where I would have liked, but glad to have some solid runs to help gain some confidence.
  • Also managed 14 100m in the pool that included a big 30×100, 10×50 set in the pool Saturday evening (generally 14 000m is the minimum swim distance I aim for in a week).
  • Next week my focus will shift back to the bike, both on the trainer, and getting in a solid ride outside on the weekend.