I’m 11 weeks into training for IM Canada.  The past 11 weeks I’ll call base training.  I had intended on following the program laid out in Joe Friel’s ‘Your Best Triathlon’, but I’ve barely referenced it since I got back at it.  I’ve had structure on the bike, following Trainer Road plans, but the run and swim have been a little all over the place.  Below I’ve laid out my goals for the race, what I’ve done, and what’s next.

IM Canada Goal:

  • 1:03:20 swim (1:40/100)
  • 5:20:00 bike (estimated 3watts/kilo power)
  • 3:10:00 run (4:30/km)
  • 9:40:00 finish

What I’ve done:

  • 11 weeks of injury free training
  • 1 cold weekend of running in NYC
  • 9 days of training in the sun in San Diego
  • Trainer Road Sweet Spot Base plan for cycling (5-6 bikes a week)
  • Hard run (hills, track or tempo) Tuesday, long run on the weekend, and 5k brick runs off of most bikes (brick run at 4:30/km pace or better)
  • Try to swim at least 3 times a week, and LC (50m) whenever possible
  • Strength and core 2 or 3 times a week

By the numbers:

  • 27:31:00 of swimming, 74 250m (14.3%)
  • 86:57:12 of cycling (45.2%)
  • 56:11:27 of running, 687km (29.2%)
  • 21:49:00 of strength and core (11.3%)
  • 192:28:39 total (approximately 17.5 hours/week)
  • FTP increase from 220-280 (FTP was artificially low because I had been off bike training for approximately 6 months)
  • Peak run week of 83.9km (in San Diego)
  • 0 days with no workouts
  • 0 days sick or injured

What I think I did right:

  • Consistent training, not missing time to sickness or injury is huge
  • Focused on the bike, a lot of my Whistler goals revolve around a solid bike split that doesn’t feel like work
  • Regularly running off the bike, it helps me get in distance, and get used to running fast km’s on bike-tired legs

Where I think I could have improved:

  • More structure to my swimming and running
    • When I swim I just come up with a workout in my head that totals 2000-2500m, and is usually based on 100m repeats
    • My Tuesday runs were always just the same workout as whoever I was running with, moving forward I need to build a running plan around what I need to do
  • Been more consistent in the pool, some weeks I was there 4 or 5 times, but I also missed 2 weeks around San Diego entirely
  • Longer swim workouts. I only swam 3000m once, and could use a weekly workout closer to 4000m
  • Got swim analysis/coaching.  I thought about joining a Masters swim club, but it didn’t work well with my schedule.  Some stroke analysis could help me get more out of my pool sessions

What’s up next:

  • 8 weeks of build training
    • I hope to get my FTP up towards 320
    • I finish off the 8 weeks with my first of 2 race simulation training days
  • Boston marathon
    • No specific time goal, I should be able to run 2:5X:XX, but it’s more important for me to recover quickly and feel strong coming out from it
  • Big swim week
    • I’ll plan to swim 16-20k the week I’m recovering from Boston, I’ve done this before and it’s yielded strong swim gains
  • Ironman run plan to begin after Boston
    • All of my runs will be to specifically improve my run in an Ironman