I’m about 2 weeks into concentrated training this year.  Over the last 2 weeks I’ve only taken 1 day off.  I’ve had a bike focus because until recently the weather outside really sucked.

I’ve been using Trainer Road for my trainer rides and I love it.  Right now I’m into my 3rd week of the Sweet Spot base plan.  The workouts are structured, give you power targets to hit (which you don’t need a power meter for), and help make the time fly by.  The Sweet Spot base plan is 3 workouts a week, 2 are 1 hour, 1 is 1:30.  Trainer Road has hundreds of workouts, so the day’s I don’t have a workout in the Sweet Spot plan I’m picking one of their other workouts, and on Sunday I try to go to a group spin.  This gets me on the bike every day, and I feel like I’ve got a lot of my power back, still have to work on endurance.

Running is another matter.  It has been extremely cold and icy so my running has been limited.  I’ve likely run 5 times in the new year, nothing over 8k.  Yesterday was the first day I really pushed it on a run an managed to run 5k in 20:45.  I didn’t break any speed barriers, but was relatively happy with the run.  I’ve got lots of work here to get back to where I was, and I’d like to run sub19:00 5k’s this year.

Finally the swim!  I haven’t done any real swimming since Muskoka.  I splashed around in the water a little in Asia, but that’s it.  I will get back into the pool, but that may not happen until mid-February.

I think I will continue through the end of January following the Sweet Spot base plan, and then filling in my other days with other workouts.  Then come February I’ll have a more structured plan with specific goals and targets.