Yesterday I went on my first real run of 2014.  My plan was to run 9-10k with 3 1k repeats.  I was hoping to hit sub 4:00/km pace for each of my repeats, I wasn’t really concerned about overall time.  I started out with 2k easy.  I was running about 4:30 pace and felt really good and light on my feet.  My first repeat was a net uphill (slightly).  I felt like I was moving well, but only managed 4:03.  I ran a kilometer easy, then km 4-5 was another hard one.  This one was a net downhill.  My legs felt a lot free-er this time and I ran a 3:57.  My 3rd repeat, from 6-7 was my best.  I felt really good and ran 3:51.  I’ve learned it can take me a couple hard efforts before I settle into a rhythm and I really feel good pushing it.  I decided to cut my run just after 9k because my left achilles tendon was really sore.  Not sure what that is about, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

We got dumped on today and for the next couple days I’m sure the sidewalks will be slippery, so I will likely not get in as much running this week as I’d hoped.  I want to be getting in 3 solid run workouts per week.  These don’t include easy recovery runs or junk miles.  Ideally I’d do 1 tempo, 1 interval (until I can get to a track), and 1 longer run.  I’m going to continue cycling at least 3 times a week, ideally 4 or 5 times.  I’m not too concerned about swimming just yet.  Once March hits I’ll make sure I’m swimming twice a week.

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