Week 9 of marathon training brought me from my race out in Edmonton on Monday to watching Lisa at the 70.3 Worlds in Mont Tremblant on Sunday.  This week I got over my cold, but picked up a bit of an achilles/calf injury.  It wasn’t my best training week in terms of milage or quality,  but I finish this week as focused as I’ve been on performing well in Chicago.


Between my Olympic Triathlon on Monday and 2 big days of travel I knew it would be difficult to fit in key workouts if I was 100% healthy, but I also had a cold that was lingering to deal with.

M: Edmonton ITU Olympic Tri (10.1km run in 38:36, 3:49/km pace).  The run portion of the race was 10.1km, which was essentially a hard tempo run.  My legs would have liked to have gone quicker, but I was still congested and my lungs couldn’t keep up.  All-in-all it was a good run for me.

Tu: 0km.  Had a long day of travel from Edmonton to Toronto (had to be at the airport 4 hours early to check bike!) so I decided to take a rest day and try to get over my cold.

W: 12k easy-ish.  After having a day off my legs had a lot of pop in them, but I got tired fast.  I started and finished with a couple sub 4:20km’s, I didn’t mean to push the pace but my legs were going.

Th: 2×4 hills.  This is a workout I should have cut short.  I was running the hill into Colonel Danforth Park.  Part way through my first set of running the hill 4 times I felt some tightness in my left leg near the bottom of my calf/top of my achilles.  After my first set of 4 I jogged to the water fountain and then massaged it out. It was sore jogging back, but I decided I could do the hill 4 more times so I did.  I didn’t notice it too much on the hill, but I really felt it on the jog back to the car.  I was using an older pair of shoes.  Both shoes have wear on the inside part of the sole, but it’s especially pronounced on the left shoe.  These shoes have now been retired.

F: 0km.  This was a travel day to Tremblant and my leg was too sore.  I focused on icing it so I could complete my long run the following day (a key workout for me).  Good news is that I had shaken my cold!

Sa: 33k long run with 1-1-2-1-1-1-3-1-1-1-1-4 pickups.  I woke up and my legs didn’t feel too bad, some minor tightness but nothing that would be enough to stop me from running.  I was going to run a route I knew in Tremblant, the Ironman run course.  Things started off well and after 4k I started getting into my pickups.  I was able to accelerate and run fast.  I was done my pickups by the 21k mark and was running back towards the village where I was going to meet Lisa for some water.  At about 23.5k my leg started getting sore, and by the time I got to our meeting point at 26k it was REALLY sore.  After a little water and some massaging it was loose enough that I felt like I could run again.  My plan only had me going 34k but I really wanted 36.  At 28k my leg started getting sore again and just short of 32k my leg suddenly got so tight that I was forced to stop.  I massaged it again and tried to walk it out (I needed to walk back to the village anyways).  After a few minutes I tried running again, but for the sake of a couple more km’s I decided it wasn’t worth the risk and shut it down at 33k.

Su: 0km.  I took the day to rest my leg and watch the 70.3 Worlds.

Total Milage: 74.25km for the week, 929.75km total.