This week I was still in Alberta.  I’d make my way from Calgary to Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, and end up in Edmonton to race in the ITU Grand Final.  That meant that this week was going to have to take on less of a run specific focus, and make some time for cycling and swimming.  My week started great, but the combination of limited sleep, cold temperatures, travel, and lots of activity left me sick and weak.


My plan was to do tempo Monday, hills Wednesday, and my long run Friday.  I wanted to do my long run Friday so I could still get it in while giving myself time to recover for my race on the following Monday.

M: 8k tempo @ 3:56/km pace.  This was a great run.  I got up early to do this run in Banff.  It was just above freezing but my legs were feeling good.  I was really happy with my pace and ended up running 18k total because the scenery there is so beautiful that it’s hard to stop.

Tu: 12k easy.  This wasn’t such a great run.  I was exhausted from my drive to Jasper, and later on in the week I learned I was feeling the early signs of falling ill.  It was a struggle to get my legs moving, which is why I cut my run from 15k to 12k.

W: 8.6k with some limited track work.  I drove from Jasper to Calgary and began feeling worse.  I didn’t get around to my workout until the afternoon, and when I did it didn’t go well.  I planned on 4 or 5 1600m repeats but pulled the plug on that 800m into my first one.  I ended up running 1x800m and 4x400m.  This wasn’t a workout for the record books.

Th: 15.3k with some track.  I began this workout by heading to the track to do a bit more track work.  I did 3x800m in 2:52, 2:48 and 2:48.  From there I did an easy run that felt pretty good.  I was optimistic about my chances to do a long run tomorrow.

F: 16k (not) long run.  My plan was to run 34k.  I felt pretty ragged when I woke up but I wanted to give the run a shot.  I figured I could do at least 24k.  I felt okay once I got going, but by 6k the wheels began to fall off and I turned around at 8k.  I was really disappointed in myself and knew with my race on Monday that I wouldn’t be able to make it up.

Sa: 3.5k easy.  The plan was to do some running in the morning.  And then run the watch the pro womens race.  Maybe run a little while it was going on, and then run home.  All that ended up happening was I ran to the race.  I still wasn’t feeling well, and a little nervous about my race Monday.

Su: 0 run.  I decided to not run to let me body rest (and hopefully get over the illness) before my race on Monday.

Total Milage: 73.5k for the week, 855.5k total.



To get ready for my race the following Monday I ended up swimming about 4000m and cycling about 60k.