Coming off the high of A Midsummer Night’s Run last week, this week was going to have a tough time topping it.  But I was headed to Alberta (my first trip to Western Canada) so I’d have a new playground to stretch my legs.  Calgary as a city I only found alright, but I did have a great long run there.


I was back on my normal schedule of quality workouts Tuesday/Thursday, and my long run Saturday.

M: Easy 15k.  This was my first run after Midsummers and my legs responded surprisingly well.  It was an easy run so I didn’t really look at my watch, but I finished with a 4:49 pace (anything under 4:55 for an easy run usually means I’m moving well).

Tu: 9 x Colonel Danforth Hill.  I decided to do hills instead of speed because I figured it was a little easier on my legs.  I’m not sure how long the Colonel Danforth Hill is, but I love (hate) it.  It’s steep, and part way up it gets even steeper.  I’ve never run up it and not felt like my lungs were on fire!

W: 17k easy.  Legs were okay, not great after yesterdays hills.

Th: 2x4k tempo (3:56 and 3:54 pace).  I left my house without much pop in my legs and wasn’t sure what I was going to do for a workout.  I decided I’d run a 7.2k route I knew and would see how it went.  After 3km I decided I was just going to go and test my legs.  It wasn’t an amazing tempo run but I was happy with my effort.

F: Easy 15k in Calgary.  I flew into Calgary first thing in the morning and had some time before I could get into my run so I ran from where I was staying down to the Bow River and back.  I ran along the road not realizing there was a path running parallel to the road all the way down to the Bow.

Sa: 32k long run in Calgary.  It was great doing my long run in a new place because the time flew by.  I did pickups of 2,1,1,3,1,1,4,1,1.  For my route I ran from where I was staying through Nose Hill Park.  From there I headed south to the Bow River to run along the waterfront path.  I ran west when I got to the river, and then turned back east at about 14.5k through my run.  From there I went through Prince’s Island, St. George Island, and then finally turned back west to finish in China Town.

Su: 9k easy.  My legs were REALLY sore.  A combination of my long run, and walking/cycling around the city.  I wasn’t too concerned with turning early, my legs needed to recover.

Total milage: 120k for the week, 782k total.


I biked about 70k on Saturday after my long run.  I wanted to check out the Saddledome, Stampede Grounds, Olympic Park, and UofCalgary, so I figured my bike was the best way to do this.  It wasn’t a workout, but I was in the saddle for a few hours.