This past week was a huge week for me.  I had a couple of really good runs, and then a breakthrough race at A Midsummer Night’s Run 30k.  My performance there has caused me to reevaluate my goals, I am very happy with how my training has progressed.


I usually do quality runs on Tuesday and Thursday, but since my race was Saturday evening I wanted to give myself some extra rest so I did quality Monday and Wednesday.  Also, my quality workouts weren’t as hard as they would have otherwise have been.

M: 2 x 4k steady state run at 4:05 pace, 16k total.  This was a good run.  Took a little bit to get my legs going at the start, I’ll blame this on some fatigue from my 36k on Saturday.  I hit my paces, so I was happy.

Tu: Easy 17k.

W: 5 x 1200m track (4:11-4:18), 16k total.  Really happy with this track workout.  I haven’t made it to the track this year as much as I’d planned to.  I scaled back from 1600m repeats to 1200m because of the race on Saturday.  I felt like I was running really well.  I ran in the Saucony A5s I just bought, this was my second run in them, and they felt fast.

Th: Easy 12k.  I planned on running 15k but right from the time I left my house I felt hungry and low energy.  I expect that was in part some residual fatigue from the track yesterday.  The goal of this week is the 30k on Saturday so I had no problems turning early.

F: Easy 10k.  After feeling a little tired for yesterdays run I decided today would only be 10k.  I just wanted to continue to get in the milage and keep my legs loose.

Sa: A Midsummer Night’s Run 30k race in 1:57:17 (1:57:24 by my watch for the full 30k).  I wrote a race report which can be found HERE.  This was an incredible breakthrough run for me.  24 of 30 1k splits under 4:00/km and 3:55 pace overall.  I exceeded my expectations and I will look to adjust my goal for Chicago accordingly.  Read the race report for more details.

Su: Rest day!  The 30k was last night so I decided I’d take the day off.  My quads are pretty sore, so they need it.

Total milage: 101k for the week. 662k total.