This week is when I get a little bit more serious about tapering.  My normal easy runs will be cut from 15k to 12k or even 10k (depending on how I feel).


I fit in a longer run earlier in the week than normal (24k on Tuesday), to give my body one last longer effort with a 5k section at marathon pace, while also allowing for enough time that recovery wouldn’t be an issue.  My intervals on Thursday are shorter than what I had been doing in training, I just want them to ensure I stay sharp.  My Saturday ‘long run’ will be down to 20k this week seeing as at that point in the week it’ll be only about a week out from Chicago.

M: Easy 12k.  Not much of note, didn’t feel tight after the Ajax 5k the day before.

Tu: 24k w/ 5k at marathon pace.  This was to be my last real effort before race day.  The first couple km’s I wasn’t really into it but I got focused right when the marathon pace section started 4k into the run.  My first km was just over pace, but the other 4 were all just under.  I took a gel at 9k, right after I finished the marathon pace work.  I was a little low on fuel over the final couple of km’s and could have used another around the 18k mark.  Overall I was really happy with the run, and getting it done.

W: 12k easy.  The run didn’t start well.  Almost from the beginning I began thinking about cutting my route, but as I got into it I felt better and ended up doing the whole run as planned.

Th: 8x400m.  I planned on running on the track at the local high school, but one of the teams was using it so I did my workout on the road.  My legs felt alright once I got into it, I was able to get my speed up for the 400m repeats and really let my legs loose.

F: Easy 10k.  Nothing special, easy 10k to keep my legs moving.

Sa: Easy 12km w/ strides.  I had planned to run 20k but my legs were extremely tired when I woke up.  Part of that was likely due to the massage I got Friday.  I held a 4:39 pace, which I was surprised with considering how tired my legs felt when I woke up, but I was happy with my decision to cut my run short from the beginning.

Su: 0km.  I planned a day off to help my legs with recovery.

Total milage: 85.75km for the week, 1301km total.