This week I began to scale back the effort levels in the quality workouts.  The plan for this week was that my volume will remain around the same level (100-110k), but quality workouts would be at a more controlled pace.  At this point my priorities are to stay injury free, maintain fitness, and remain sharp for Chicago.  I’m no longer looking at building fitness, just setting myself up to get the most out of the fitness I have.


My plan for this week did include the Ajax Waterfront 5k.  This would be the first proper 5k I’d ever done.  My plan for the race was to run all out, but if I had so much as a niggle I’d back right off.  The 5k was 2 weeks before Chicago so I wasn’t worried about recovery.

M: Easy 16k.  After taking Sunday off my legs felt good running 16k easy.  I didn’t push the pace at all, was a good run.

Tu: 5k marathon pace.  My plan was to run 7k at marathon pace but my effort to hold 3:59 pace seemed far too high so I cut it at 7k.  Maybe between the Harvest Half, my 6x1k workout and my long run last week I took a lot more out of my legs than I thought and need more recovery.

W: Easy 18k.  Easy run, legs felt alright.  Pace was a little slow (just over 5:00/km) but that was likely more because of talking.

Th: Easy 16k w/strides.  After Tuesday’s workout didn’t go great I decided not to do quality today, but I did get in 20 short stride pickups.  I felt good and was able to get my foot speed up for each short pickup.

F: Easy 12k.  My legs weren’t feeling great for this run.  Don’t know if something was missing from my diet or if it was fatigue but I was lethargic throughout the run.

Sa: 24k long run. I wanted to run 24-28k, and ended up on the low end of the scale because of time constraints.  The run was alright.  I didn’t have much to eat before and took 1 gel at about 16k, but I felt really hungry for the final 4k.

Su: Run Ajax 5k.  Good run for me, 17:17, which is about 3:28/km pace.  Before the race I didn’t feel amazing, but once I got going I was able to run hard.  A more thorough race report to follow.

Total milage: 112k for the week, 1215.25k total.