I’m into the final 4 weeks before race day.  My biggest milage weeks are behind me, what’s most important in this final block is to keep up my fitness and get to Chicago healthy.  This week will look similar to many of my past weeks, but my threshold for shutting down a workout if I feel a niggle or I’m overly fatigued is much lower.


My plan for the week was to do quality workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, and my long run Saturday.  Heading into the week I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for my quality workouts, I wanted to see how I recovered from the Harvest Half over the weekend.

M: 7.2km easy.  I woke up Monday still feeling the effects of Saturdays race.  As opposed to running first thing, like I usually would, I decided to have breakfast first.  After eating I was still feeling some fatigue so I decided to run a 7.2km route I’m very familiar with and see how I felt.  The run went alright, I had heavy legs but no pain.  I had intended to run the same loop again in the afternoon, but the weather was poor so I decided I’d rest as oppose to forcing another run.

Tu: 3 x 3km.  My legs were still a little heavy when I woke up, but I figured once I got going I’d feel better.  Sure enough that’s what happened.  I wanted sub4:00/km pace for all of my splits, but I wasn’t worried about torching the route.  I ran 3:54, 3:56, and 3:59 pace and was happy with the run.  My legs came to life and even though I was working, I felt good running the 3k’s.

W: Easy 17k.  Legs felt a little heavy from yesterday, but not too bad.  Got this run in first thing (was done before 7AM).  Pretty steady easy pace, wasn’t watching my watch as I ran.

Th: 6 x 1k.  I woke up and my legs didn’t feel great.  I put off running until just before lunch.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for a workout, but I decided I’d try some 1k’s along a flat stretch on Shepard.  My first 1k was 3:30 and I was energized to keep going so I decided I’d do 6.  I was really happy with 3:30, but that would turn out to be my slowest.  My times were 3:30, 3:28, 3:25, 3:23, 3:21, and 3:25.  I was running on about 2:00 rest in between them.  This turned out to be a great workout for me and a huge confidence booster; I hadn’t done this workout in 6-8 weeks and it showed me just how far I’ve come.

F: Easy 15k.  After yesterdays workout my run began a little gingerly as I still had some soreness.  After a couple km’s my legs loosened up and it was a good, cruise 15k.

Sa: 30k long run.  Saturday morning I still had some fatigue in my legs.  My run started tight and I stopped to stretch at about 4k.  I got going after that and felt a little better, but my legs were heavy.  I ran 10 x 1:30 pickups, I wasn’t targeting a specific pace but I would have liked to have run them quicker.  The final 4k of the run were pretty tough, it was a struggle to get back home.  I only took 1 gel during the run, I felt a little off and wasn’t really interested in them.  After the run I was extremely fatigued and really hungry.

Su: 0k run.  I took an off day.  My legs still had a deep fatigue from yesterdays workout.  I thought of trying to go out for a short run, but thought better of it and just rested.

Total Milage: 101.5km for the week (first time in 4 weeks I’m back over 100k!), 1103.25 total.