This was an up and down week of training.  It started on a low, my leg was sore so I skipped my run Monday, but ended on a high with a great race at the Harvest Half. 10 weeks down, 4 to go!


I was racing the Harvest Half on Saturday.  Ideally I would have done my quality workouts on Monday and Wednesday, but between a tight left leg, and travelling home from Tremblant, I decided I wouldn’t run Monday.  This meant quality would be Tuesday/Wednesday.  I wouldn’t be able to get in the same level of workout as a Monday/Wednesday would allow, but it would work.

M: 0km run.  There was still some soreness in my left leg, and I was travelling back from Tremblant, so I decided to skip an easy run in favour of rest.

Tu: 6k tempo.  I ran 6k tempo at about 3:49/km pace.  I was happy with this run, my legs felt good, and I was happy with my push.  After the run my left leg tightened up again.

W: 4 x 1km intervals.  I ran my 1k’s in 3:32, 3:36, 3:46, and 3:32.  I was really happy to see times in the 3:30’s.  I felt like I could get my legs moving really well.  My left leg got a little tight between the second and third 1k, and I told myself if it got worse, or caused me to alter my run gait I’d stop.  Fortunately it didn’t cause any troubles.

Th: Easy 10k.  I originally planned to run 15k but my legs were sore from the previous couple of days.  If I wasn’t racing on Saturday I would have likely pushed through.  I wasn’t going to be fully tapered for Saturdays race, but it was a fitness test for me and I didn’t want to be bagged at the start line.

F: Easy 7.2k.  I ran a familiar route to keep my legs loose the day before the race.  I did a couple strides to get my leg speed up briefly, everything felt good.

Sa: Harvest Half 21.1k.  The harvest half was a great race for me.  I ran 1:19:19, approximately a 3:46/km pace.  I was really happy with my results on an honest course and this race has set me up well for Chicago.  I wrote a full race report HERE.  My legs were pretty beat up after the race.

Su: 0km run.  I decided to take an off day after the Harvest Half.  My joints were sore when I woke up so I figured a day of recovery was much better than some easy milage.

Total Milage: 72km for the week, 1001.75km total.