VLOG 47 – The Nutrition Breakthrough That Was Under My Nose

VLOG 47 – The Nutrition Breakthrough That Was Under My Nose

This past week I had a nutrition breakthrough, and it was salt. I know, I know, how is this a breakthrough? Well, I had never given any consideration to salt, nor had I taken a salt pill before this past week. I didn’t even know about salt pills when I started, and once I learned of them I figured I hadn’t used them to that point, so ‘if it aint broke dont fit it’. Well at Ironman Mont Tremblant it broke, and I learned one big difference in that race from previous races is that they used Gatorade and not Gatorade Endurance (which has more sodium). All of this is to say, my takeaway from this that could be helpful is just because something seems to be alright doesn’t mean it’s the best – don’t be afraid to experiment with your training and nutrition to see if a ‘better’ exists.

IM Lake Placid 3 & 2 Weeks Out

IM Lake Placid 3 & 2 Weeks Out

It’s time for the final training push in week 3, and then hit the taper in week 2.

3 Weeks Out

It’s time to get in the final couple key sessions before I shut things down to taper.  My focus for the week is:

  • Big swim week, I want to get in at least 20k
  • Long, quality bike trainer workout (4-hours)
  • Long-ish brick on the weekend

Here’s how the week went:

Big Swim Week – 20,317m

  • I swam 8 times this week for 20,317m
  • I got in an Oper Water Swim at Cherry beach – it was great to get outside
  • 2 swims of at least 4,000m and Saturday I totalled 7,000m

4-hour Trainer Ride (6×20, 60)

  • I fell flat on this workout.  Early on I felt alright, but my 5th and 6th intervals the perceived effort really increased.  I decided to pull the plug 20-minutes into my 60-minute interval.
  • I think the cumulative fatigue was just built up in my legs.  I could have muscled through a little longer, but I didn’t want to risk digging myself into a hole of fatigue

Saturday 2200m swim, 6x20min trainer ride, 20k run

  • My brick became more of a triathlon
  • I had a good swim/bike, but out on the run it was really warm and I didn’t bring any fluid so I was hurting
  • Overall happy with this session, which is my last long one before Placid


  • Another good week, I hit 2 of my 3 main objectives
  • Although I would have liked to have hit my 4-hour trainer ride, I’m not overly concerned about it
  • I was feeling really good in the pool, when I get in 14,000m+ in the pool in a week I seem to feel the water a lot better

2 Week Out – Taper Time

It’s taper time.  The heavy lifting is complete and it’s time to let the body absorb all the training while trying to keep fitness levels at their peak.  My focus would be:

  • 1 day completely off
  • Keep up swim volume – at least 14,000m
  • Gravenhurst Olympic Tri

Here’s how the week went:

1 Day Off

  • I rarely take a day completely off.  I have plenty of active recovery days, but rarely do I have nothing days.
  • I took Monday off.  It’s not something that’s a mental struggle for me like it can be for some, it’s just not something I normally do

14,600m Swimming

  • I was able to keep up my swim volume
  • It wasn’t a huge week like like week, but I feel good when I can get in at least 14,000m and I accomplished that
  • My only open water swim was at the Gravenhurst Olympic, and I felt really strong in the water and came out 3rd

Gravenhurst Olympic Triathlon (Bike File, Run File)

  • I had some questions as to why I would race this race.  My training motivation often nose-dives during taper, and I wanted to make sure I had some good intensity.  I planned on keeping my pace on the run under control so I didn’t trash my legs.  If this race wasn’t happening I would have done a similar workout 8 days before the race, it likely just would have been a little longer at slightly lower intensity
  • I felt strong across swim, bike, and run
  • I had a good day, and didn’t have to completely empty the tank, which again will help recover quickly


  • Great week of taper – I got in some quality rest, got good swim milage, and felt great in Gravenhurst


The training for Ironman Lake Placid is complete. Over the past 14 weeks I’ve put in 260 hours, totalling 170,873m swimming, 137-hours on the bike, and 790k running. I’m going to be racing the Skechers
Multisport Canada Gravenhurst Olympic Triathlon as part of my taper
this weekend. In the past I’ve felt I’ve got a little stale in the lead-up to a race, so going Gravenhurst will help keep some speed in
my legs.

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IM Lake Placid 5 & 4 Weeks Out

IM Lake Placid 5 & 4 Weeks Out

Over the last couple weeks my focus has been recovering from my big training block in Lake Placid, and then getting in some long quality rides.

5 Weeks Out

After putting in a big block in Lake Placid priority number one was absorbing all that training and recovering. I only had one key workout:

  • A good race at the MultiSport Canada Long Course Triathlon

Here’s how the week went:

Recovery – Monday to Wednesday I really took it easy.

  • Monday was off, Tuesday I did a 30-minutes swim and 30-minute run, and Wednesday a 30-minute swim.
  • When I tried to get some quality going Thursday I felt flat and tired and kept the rest of the work easy.

Welland LC Triathlon (BIKE file, RUN file, Results)

  • I was happy with the race as a whole
  • I felt like I had a strong swim, but then had no power on the bike.  I was able to close out the race with a surprisingly strong run
  • This race was a good reminder to keep persevering, even when a race isn’t going as planned (really low power on the bike, but then a great run)


  • I’d say this was a good week.  My training was pretty light, but absorbing the training from last week was really important.
  • I was happy to get another race under my belt.  There’s no substitute for actually getting out there and racing.  My bike wasn’t where I wanted it to be, but otherwise it was a really great race for me.

4 Weeks Out

This week is all about the bike.  Before this week I had done 180k twice (both in Lake Placid), one 4.5-hour trainer ride, and one other ride over 4-hours.  It’s getting to crunch time, and I not only need to get some big rides in my legs, I need some quality big rides in my legs.  A secondary goal for this week was to get in 18-20k in the water.  I had 3 key workouts, plus my swim goal:

  • 4-hour trainer ride
  • 4.5-hour trainer ride
  • 5-hour ride outside
  • 18-20k in the pool

Here’s how the week went:

Tuesday – 4 Hour Trainer Ride: 6×20, 1×60 (Strava)

  • Ride went really well, this was a big confidence booster
  • I wanted to hold between 245-250W for my intervals but I was closer to 255W
  • The 60-minute interval at the end was more of a mental struggle than a physical struggle

Thursday – 4.5 Hour Trainer Ride: 6×23, 1×70 (Strava)

  • The slightly longer intervals presented a mental challenge, but I hit all my watts and I felt like a did a good job with this workout

Saturday – 5 Hour Outdoor Ride: 6x16k, 1x45k (Strava)

  • My first quality long ride outdoors of the year!
  • I did an 8k out and back over and over for this workout.  It was shaped like a valley so I got to work on holding power at high and low speed
  • This was my best, and most important workout yet

18-20k in the pool

  • Only managed 12k
  • I was in good shape to meet my goal until Saturday.  I came down with a bit of a cold and decided to stay out of the water and get a little extra rest


  • I finally feel ready to take on an Ironman this year
  • I still have more work to do, but it’s great to have finally done some long and quality work on the bike
  • On all 3 rides I focused on getting good fuel in throughout the ride, and didn’t have any stomach problems
  • I came down with a bit of a cold Saturday, which could have been brought on by all the cumulative fatigue of my workouts.  I need to be careful with this in the final stretch
IM Lake Placid 7 & 6 Weeks Out

IM Lake Placid 7 & 6 Weeks Out

The last two weeks of training have been really important weeks for me.  I did my first pro race, IM 70.3 Eagleman, and I did a 5-day training camp in Lake Placid.

7 Weeks Out

After racing Milton I took Monday off.  I didn’t have too much planned for this week because I was racing Eagleman on Sunday.  My main goals were:

  • Test my swimming with a 10×100 set I use to see progress
  • Activation workouts to keep my body firing on all cylinders
  • Have a good race ay Eagleman

Here’s how the week went:

  1. Tuesday afternoon swim – 10x100m on 1:40 @ condo pool
  • I smashed my previous best in this workout.  My 100s were 1:21 – 1:24
  • I felt really strong and smooth in the pool

2. Activation workouts (Wednesday ride, run)

  • My legs were a little flat after Milton
  • I tried to spruce them up by doing easy workouts that included short and hard intervals.  Strides running, and 30-second intervals on the bike
  • These workouts seemed to help breath life into my legs.

3. Ironman 70.3 Eagleman (bike, run)

  • My first pro race.  It went about as well as I could have hoped.
  • I was dropped by the main pack in the swim after 100m, but I found someone to swim with.
  • This was my first non-wetsuit swim, and I was pretty happy with the result
  • On the bike I was able to ride with Tim Russell for the first 40k, and the 2 others joined the group.
  • This was my first time riding in a group, and I’m glad I got that experience.  I learned about spacing, and the need to get in nutrition.
  • My power was slightly lower than planned at 262W AP, but that was in part dictated by the group (was aiming for 270W)
  • I ran strong and steady in the heat, reeling in a number of athletes in front of me.  I was able to back off in the closing couple kilometers.


  • Didn’t get in much quality this week, but it was a very successful week.
  • My improvements in the pool gives me a lot of confidence to keep doing what I’m doing in the swim (aim for minimum 14k/week in the pool)
  • Eagleman was a great experience for me.  Both to put together a steady race and get my first pro race out of the way.  I’ll now have a better understanding of what to expect at Ironman Lake Placid because I’ve done one


6 Weeks Out

After a solid race at Eagleman, Lisa and I headed to Lake Placid for a 5-day training camp.  I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel after Eagleman, but they held up relatively well.  My goals for my time in Placid were:

  • Get in some big miles on the bike
  • Open water swim every day
  • Run the run course on tired legs

Here’s how it went:

  1. Big miles on the bike (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • I rode the entire IM Placid bike on both Wednesday and Friday
  • I also got in a loop of the course on Thursday and added the gruelling climb up Whiteface to the loop
  • I didn’t have the high end power, but I was happy to hold a decent pace and get the time in the saddle
  • I tried to be aware of landmarks along the course to really get to know it as I rode

2. Open water swim daily (Thursday OWS)

  • I got into the water every day for a total of over 14k of swimming
  • The entire time my shoulders were a little sore and my pace wasn’t what I had hoped for
  • Glad to get into the water because it was my first open water swimming of the year outside of Eagleman

3. Run on tired legs (Saturday and Sunday)

  • My legs were smashed by the time the weekend came around, but I was happy to run a loop of the run on Saturday and Sunday.
  • On Saturday I had a good pace to my run and it was good to familiarize myself with it again
  • On Sunday it was a struggle.  I did the big climb into town at the start and end of my run to make it even more difficult.  It was a grind the whole way, but I was happy to push through.


  • Solid 5-day training camp. 14k of swimming, 510k of cycling, 70k or running, 26:36 total.
  • I wasn’t able to do some of the quality work I had planned, my legs were smashed.  But I was happy to get in the volume.
  • I felt good and comfortable on my bike, which is great because these were the first big ride’s I’ve done.
VLOG 28 – Lake Placid Training Camp

VLOG 28 – Lake Placid Training Camp

Last week I did a 5-day training camp in Lake Placid. I totalled 14k swimming, 510k biking, and 70k running, for 26.5-hours. It was a great opportunity for me to spend time on the course and learn its nuances.

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