IM Lake Placid 7 & 6 Weeks Out

IM Lake Placid 7 & 6 Weeks Out

The last two weeks of training have been really important weeks for me.  I did my first pro race, IM 70.3 Eagleman, and I did a 5-day training camp in Lake Placid.

7 Weeks Out

After racing Milton I took Monday off.  I didn’t have too much planned for this week because I was racing Eagleman on Sunday.  My main goals were:

  • Test my swimming with a 10×100 set I use to see progress
  • Activation workouts to keep my body firing on all cylinders
  • Have a good race ay Eagleman

Here’s how the week went:

  1. Tuesday afternoon swim – 10x100m on 1:40 @ condo pool
  • I smashed my previous best in this workout.  My 100s were 1:21 – 1:24
  • I felt really strong and smooth in the pool

2. Activation workouts (Wednesday ride, run)

  • My legs were a little flat after Milton
  • I tried to spruce them up by doing easy workouts that included short and hard intervals.  Strides running, and 30-second intervals on the bike
  • These workouts seemed to help breath life into my legs.

3. Ironman 70.3 Eagleman (bike, run)

  • My first pro race.  It went about as well as I could have hoped.
  • I was dropped by the main pack in the swim after 100m, but I found someone to swim with.
  • This was my first non-wetsuit swim, and I was pretty happy with the result
  • On the bike I was able to ride with Tim Russell for the first 40k, and the 2 others joined the group.
  • This was my first time riding in a group, and I’m glad I got that experience.  I learned about spacing, and the need to get in nutrition.
  • My power was slightly lower than planned at 262W AP, but that was in part dictated by the group (was aiming for 270W)
  • I ran strong and steady in the heat, reeling in a number of athletes in front of me.  I was able to back off in the closing couple kilometers.


  • Didn’t get in much quality this week, but it was a very successful week.
  • My improvements in the pool gives me a lot of confidence to keep doing what I’m doing in the swim (aim for minimum 14k/week in the pool)
  • Eagleman was a great experience for me.  Both to put together a steady race and get my first pro race out of the way.  I’ll now have a better understanding of what to expect at Ironman Lake Placid because I’ve done one


6 Weeks Out

After a solid race at Eagleman, Lisa and I headed to Lake Placid for a 5-day training camp.  I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel after Eagleman, but they held up relatively well.  My goals for my time in Placid were:

  • Get in some big miles on the bike
  • Open water swim every day
  • Run the run course on tired legs

Here’s how it went:

  1. Big miles on the bike (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • I rode the entire IM Placid bike on both Wednesday and Friday
  • I also got in a loop of the course on Thursday and added the gruelling climb up Whiteface to the loop
  • I didn’t have the high end power, but I was happy to hold a decent pace and get the time in the saddle
  • I tried to be aware of landmarks along the course to really get to know it as I rode

2. Open water swim daily (Thursday OWS)

  • I got into the water every day for a total of over 14k of swimming
  • The entire time my shoulders were a little sore and my pace wasn’t what I had hoped for
  • Glad to get into the water because it was my first open water swimming of the year outside of Eagleman

3. Run on tired legs (Saturday and Sunday)

  • My legs were smashed by the time the weekend came around, but I was happy to run a loop of the run on Saturday and Sunday.
  • On Saturday I had a good pace to my run and it was good to familiarize myself with it again
  • On Sunday it was a struggle.  I did the big climb into town at the start and end of my run to make it even more difficult.  It was a grind the whole way, but I was happy to push through.


  • Solid 5-day training camp. 14k of swimming, 510k of cycling, 70k or running, 26:36 total.
  • I wasn’t able to do some of the quality work I had planned, my legs were smashed.  But I was happy to get in the volume.
  • I felt good and comfortable on my bike, which is great because these were the first big ride’s I’ve done.
VLOG 28 – Lake Placid Training Camp

VLOG 28 – Lake Placid Training Camp

Last week I did a 5-day training camp in Lake Placid. I totalled 14k swimming, 510k biking, and 70k running, for 26.5-hours. It was a great opportunity for me to spend time on the course and learn its nuances.

You can find all my workouts on Strava:

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VLOG 27 – My First Pro Race Eagleman 70.3

VLOG 27 – My First Pro Race Eagleman 70.3

My virgin pro race is done and dusted. I did Ironman Eagleman 70.3 in Maryland over the weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was really happy with the race I put together. It wasn’t a perfect race, but I was happy with my swim (my first non-wetsuit race – a big thanks to Matt Shanks for letting me borrow his swim skin), a solid bike where I got my first experience riding in a group, and then a steady run. Up next is Mutlisport Canada Welland Long Course.

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IM Lake Placid – 9 & 8 weeks out training

IM Lake Placid – 9 & 8 weeks out training

9 Weeks Out

After a big run week last week my focus shifted back to the bike.  I had 3 key workouts I wanted to hit:

  1. 3x30min just over 70.3 race pace
  2. VO2 Interval workout
  3. Long ride feeling good on the bike.

Here’s how those workouts went:

1. Wednesday morning – 3x30min trainer workout (TrainerRoad workout – Spruce Knob +1)

  • Really happy with the workout, I put out 277, 279 and 274 power
  • Power dropped a little on the last interval, I think due to being low on fuel
  • A couple years ago I did 2x30min (Spruce Knob on TR) and it helped me build confidence to hold good power for long intervals, so I was pumped to do 3×30.

2. Friday morning – VO2 Interval workout

  • I couldn’t even make it through the warmup, my legs were fried
  • Instead of pushing it I decided to spin out my legs and then incorporate some VO2 interval work into my long ride the following day

3. Saturday – Long ride (160k planned, 145k completed)

  • Another bad ride.  I was really excited to ride out in Milton, I hadn’t done much riding in the area and had heard good things.  I felt okay when we started, but that quickly changed.
  • It was a mix of our route changing because of constructions, some really chewed up roads, and not feeling great that this ride became a struggle just to get through.
  • Back to back weekends, and all of my outdoor rides on my new bike haven’t gone to plan


  • The week started on a high, but then came crashing down.  I was really excited to hit Wednesdays workout, but my next two key sessions in the week really sucked.
  • I need to put more of a focus on recovery.  I have recovery boots, and I need to use them more.  Also more of a focus on stretching after workouts, and getting in some good fuel right away when I’m finished.
  • I also think that doing a hard run Tuesday morning, my toughest swim of the week Tuesday evening, and then a solid bike Wednesday morning takes a bit too much out of me.  I have to be more conscious of that moving forward.


8 Weeks Out

After a solid bike Wednesday, and then two failed sessions later in the week, again this week I was going to focus on my bike, and I had my first race of the season, the Milton Sprint Triathlon, to dust off the cobwebs.  I again had 3 workouts I wanted to nail:

  • Hard interval workout on the trainer
  • Solid 100k ride outside with a steady 5k brick
  • Milton Sprint Triathlon

Here’s how it went:

1. Thursday Bike Intervals – 5×1:00, 10×4:00

  • This is a very tough, but manageable workout.  I always wonder how I’ll get through it, but after each interval is some good recovery time, so I try to just take it 1 interval at a time.
  • Really excited to hit this workout.  I’d fallen short over the last few weeks trying to hit it, so it was a big confidence boost to get through the entire workout.
  • This is a workout I want to build on as I get closer to Placid.

2. Saturday 100k ride, 5k run

  • Finally a good ride outside!  Right from the start I felt good and comfortable, and I was putting out decent power.
  • I did 3x15k intervals.  My original plan was to do them at 5k@250, 5k@260, 5k@270, but quickly shifted to 5k@260, 5k@270, 5k@280.
  • Where I did the intervals there are long gradual uphills and downhills, so I got good practice holding power both flying downhill, and grinding back up.
  • Really really happy to have hit this workout and feel super comfortable on my P4
  • The run was a good run, I wanted to run hard for 3k and then cruise home the final 2k.  I managed to do that

3. Milton Sprint (Strava Bike, Strava Run)

  • Was excited to race, but forgot my racebelt (in my checklist I forgot that I needed one).  Fortunately Peter was able to lend me one.
  • I had more contact than normal in the swim.  I was close to the buoy line and felt like I got a little boxed in off the start.  My chest felt tight and I was anxious to the first turn.  I just kept reminding myself to relax and breath.  After the turn I was able to loosen up and bit and I began to get into a rhythm.
  • On the bike I planned on going hard from the start and charging up 6th Line Hill.  Maybe I went too hard, maybe yesterdays workout took more out of my legs than planned, but as I was continuing up 6th Line my legs felt completely flat and my power really dropped off.  I wanted to overage 300W for the ride, but actually averaged 276.
  • Out on the run I felt very stiff.  I was happy with the effort I was able to give, but I wasn’t smooth at all.  Lisa commented to me after that I didn’t look good running at all.  I ran a hair slower than planned, and was passed 150m from the line, but I gave what I had on the day.
  • Happy to have the first one out of the way.

Race Results


  • Good week of training for me.  Not only did my key sessions go pretty well, but overall I hit 70k running and over 15k swimming.
  • Really glad to feel good outside on the bike.
  • I was happy with my effort in Milton despite not feeling super strong on the day.
IM Lake Placid – 10 weeks out training

IM Lake Placid – 10 weeks out training

I’m 10 weeks out from Ironman Lake Placid.  IMLP will be my first ‘pro’ Ironman race.  I’ve never raced Placid before, but I’ve been there 4 times to train and I’m very familiar with the course.  

In the countdown to race day I’ve decided I want to keep a log of how my training is going, week-by-week.  I’ll focus on the key session for the week.  Typically I’ll pick a couple of key sessions that will be my weeks focus.  I will sacrifice other workouts if I need to for the key sessions.  

This week was a run focus.  My quality runs haven’t been where I need them to be, especially tempo efforts.  This needed to change, so my week was set up around:

  • A 25k-ish long run with a 15k tempo effort
  • Fast 4:00 intervals

Additionally, after getting a new bike over the weekend I needed to get outside for my first outdoor ride of the year.

Here is how the workouts went:

Tuesday morning long run w/15k tempo

  • Really happy with tempo effort and overall run.  Tempo was 58:30 (3:51/km pace) and overall run was 4:08/km pace.
  • Got into a good rhythm and knocked out kilometers.
  • My first week doing a Tuesday morning tempo.  I had too much Coke before I left and could feel it in my stomach when I started running.
  • Took me longer to warmup and get into the run than planned (5-6k instead of 3k)
  • I didn’t take any nutrition, though I had some flat Coke and a gel with me.


Thursday morning 6×4:00 intervals

  • Good, not great, run.
  • I wanted to run on treadmill to control/force speed, but the condo treadmills suck and couldn’t get up to speed.
  • Legs felt a little fatigued, but intervals all seemed to be around 3:30/km pace.
  • 0:30 rest, 1:30 jog between intervals.


Saturday long ride (160k)

  • Very up and down ride for me.  Felt great leaving Rouge Go.  Then my energy crashed.  I had a couple good spurts including a 20min TT @ 289W and a couple solid 5k TTs.
  • Bike felt good and comfortable.  Bar tape not as comfortable though, I could feel all the road vibrations.
  • Glad to get the first long ride in the books.



  • Overall a successful week of training.  Bike workouts weren’t quite where I would have liked, but glad to have some solid runs to help gain some confidence.
  • Also managed 14 100m in the pool that included a big 30×100, 10×50 set in the pool Saturday evening (generally 14 000m is the minimum swim distance I aim for in a week).
  • Next week my focus will shift back to the bike, both on the trainer, and getting in a solid ride outside on the weekend.



Vlog 10 – My Inspiration to Pursue Triathlon

Vlog 10 – My Inspiration to Pursue Triathlon

I’ve been battling the flu since getting back from California, so training last week was non-existent. With that in mind I decided for this weeks video I would talk about what inspired me to get into triathlon. Unlike most people who were first exposed to triathlon by the NBC Ironman broadcast, my first experience with triathlon was at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Seeing Simon Whitfield sprint to gold inspired me as an 11 year-old, and I knew that one day I would complete a triathlon.

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