2018 Chilly Half Marathon Race Report

Sunday I raced the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington.  It’s the first time I’ve been fit and ready to run a fast half since I ran the Harvest Half Marathon in Waterloo in 2014.  This race had been the focus of my training over the past 9 weeks with Frank.  Frank felt like I was capable of running 1:16:XX, I felt like I was ready to have a good run, but 3:37/km pace is pretty quick, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to hand on.


  • Training kicked off Jan 1, 2018, 9 weeks out from the race
  • 530km total running, 58.9km/week average
  • 95km was biggest week, 35km was smallest week
  • 5 track workouts w/ Frank
  • 29.3km – longest run
  • 12 days where run training was compromised by sore shins

Pre Race

  • Woke up at 6:30AM
  • Had a bagel with almond butter and honey, and some water for breakfast
  • Took 7:43 GO train to Burlington to get to race site by 9:00AM
  • Had a bottle of water with a nuun tablet in it, 5 crackers, and then a gel 20 minutes before the start of the race
  • Warm-up was about a mile run with 3x75m strides

Race – 1:16:14, 3:37/km STRAVA

  • From the gun I tried to not start with my signature ‘hot’ kilometer.  My first km ended up being 3:28, so not too bad.
  • Really focused on settling into a pace like Frank would have me do during long track intervals.  I tried to be light on my feet, high turnover, and let it come naturally.
  • 1-3k we had a tailwind, 3-13k was a headwind, 13-21k was a tailwind, then it was one last blast of headwind when you turned up the finish chute
  • Packs started to form about 2k in and I accelerated to the group ahead of where I was.  This proved to be a good decision because I hung onto the back of them until about 12k, most of which was in a headwind (I was only able to hold on, so I wasn’t doing my share of the work on the front, sorry guys!)
  • I felt really strong and comfortable 1-5k.  5-11k I struggled, falling a step or two behind the group and feeling like I was really working.  11-16k I felt stronger, and the pace was coming a bit easier.  Then 16-21k it was just a grind to keep the pace up and get to the finish.
  • I had a gel at 11k, and took a small sip of nuun at every aid station
  • I had 4 km’s that were 3:40 or longer, and I had 6 km’s that were sub-3:35 (including 4 in the final 7k).  Fastest km was 3:28, slowest km was 3:44

Post Race

  • Completely spent at the finish, I didn’t have anything left for a sprint
  • Really happy with the result, I think I ran about as even as I could, and ran to my capabilities
  • I think my nutrition for the race was good
  • I think I made good ‘racing decisions’ throughout the race, such as jumping to the group just ahead when the field was splitting, but also letting some guys go when they turned up the pace
  • Beer and chilli after the race was a nice touch by the organizers!


VLOG 64 – Why I Got a Coach

VLOG 64 – Why I Got a Coach

For the 2018 season I decided to get a coach. I feel like I’ve make some great gains and got a lot out of myself through self-coaching, but I decided it was time to try a coach to get a new perspective and a fresh set of eyes on my training. I decided to go with Frank Webster, a coach out of Durham. Frank’s been the person I’ve called upon when I’ve had training and racing questions in the last couple years, and he’s provided me with some key workouts. It’s a change I’m really excited about, and can’t wait for my race season to get started.

VLOG 63 – Testing the new MachV.5 wetsuit

VLOG 63 – Testing the new MachV.5 wetsuit

I recently got to test out a sample of the new Dare2Tri Mach V.5 wetsuit. I followed the following test protocol:

Warm-up: 500 Steady, 8×50 strong w/ 0:20 rest

Test: 100 easy, 2×100 on 3:00

Repeat test with swimskin, Challenge 4Speed wetsuit, and MachV.5 wetsuit.

I would compare the suits based on my best 100.

My fastest 100s:

Speedo – 1:19.1

Swimskin – 1:18.6

Challenge 4 Speed – 1:14.5

MachV.5 – 1:11.6


The MachV.5 was 2.9 seconds faster!!! I’m really excited to race in this wetsuit this year.

VLOG 62 – Thoughts on Doping in Age Group Triathlon

VLOG 62 – Thoughts on Doping in Age Group Triathlon

I actually think doping is a bigger issue in age group triathlon than pro triathlon. Testing is extremely rare, and almost never out of competition. Over the last couple years incidents of course cutting and sabotaging equipment highlight the lengths people will go to in order to appear to ‘succeed’ in the sport, and I think a lot more amateurs would have the financial means to dope than professionals. Check out my previous video for my thoughts on doping in the pro ranks of long course triathlon.

VLOG 61 – Thoughts on Doping in Pro Triathlon

VLOG 61 – Thoughts on Doping in Pro Triathlon

I think it’s fair to have the starting point that doping exists in all sports, including triathlon. I give my opinion on what I think about doping in the pro ranks of long course triathlon, and whether I believe you can compete at the highest levels of the sport clean. I’ll follow up this video with another on my thoughts on doping in the age-group ranks (spoiler alert, I think it’s even worse).