The hard work is done!  This would be my last block of work before tapering for Whistler.  A lot of my focus was on hitting and maintaining race paces.  I ran A LOT at 4:30/km or better, and lots of riding in the 210-230W range.  Again, I didn’t do nearly as much swimming as I should have, but I did pick it up in my last week when I was in Lake Placid for 4 days, open water swimming every day.  I was relatively injury free.  I’ve had some problems with the tops of my feet hurting after runs, especially my right foot.  Fortunately this hasn’t really impacted my running, and over time it’s flared up less frequently.

What I did:

  • 6 weeks of IM specific training (lots of time at race pace)
  • 4k Open Water Swim race
  • Challenge Quassy Half Iron
  • 5 rides in the 180k range
  • IM Simulation Day 2 of 2 (180k at race watts followed by a 2 hour run at race pace)
  • 4 Day Training stint in Lake Placid

By the numbers:

  • 11:08:10 of swimming, 36 155m (11.3%)
  • 60:51:25 of cycling (61.8%)
  • 26:22:56 of running, 354km (26.8%)
  • 0:10:00 of strength – core (0.17%)
  • 98:32:31 total (approximately 16.4hours/week)
  • FTP increase from 300-305 (increasing FTP wasn’t a goal of this block)
  • Peak run week was 79.1km (25k run as brick runs)
  • 6 days with no workouts (before and after Quassy and IM Sim day)
  • IM Simulation ride was 225W average (230NP) for 180k (5:18)
  • IM Simulation 2 hour run was 26.85k (4:28/km pace)

What I did well:

  • My second IM simulation day went really well
    • I held my watts on the bike (225W) over the full 180k
    • I immediately did a 2 hour run at race pace (4:30/km) off the bike and after falling behind pace early, managed to get back on track and finish strong
  • Strong riding in Lake Placid focusing on nutrition and watts on a hilly course
  • Lots of running at 4:30/km or faster (I’d guess 90% of my milage in this block, maybe more)
  • Breakthrough run split at Challenge Quassy (1:24)
  • Managed to stay calm and composed on the bike in Quassy when things weren’t going my way (power meter and head unit died in the race)
  • Felt good on my long runs taking in Coke

What I didn’t do so well:

  • Again during my IM simulation I got a stomach cramp 1k into the run
    • I tried cutting back on calories during one of my rides in Placid but I felt really low energy on the run, so my plan is to just do what I’ve been doing in Whistler and plan to run through a cramp
  • Swimming lacked again (sounds like a broken record)
  • Only 1 long run of more than 2-hours or 27k

What’s up next:

  • Taper
  • Ironman Whistler! (July 26)