IM Canada Training: 8 weeks of build complete

IM Canada Training: 8 weeks of build complete

Sunday I completed my 8 weeks of build training for IM Canada.  I actually did the 8 weeks over a period of 9 weeks because I took a couple days off before and after Boston for some rest and recovery.  In my previous 11 week phase (base) I was injury free and didn’t get sick.  This time I wasn’t so lucky, getting sick the first week, and also having nagging knee pain by the end.  I did manage to complete my first of two big training days, which may need a post on its own, and I’ve got in a couple outdoor rides.  Once again my cycling was the most structured of the 3 sports, with swimming and running being a little haphazard.

What I did:

  • 8 weeks of base spread out over 9 weeks
  • Trainer Road 8 week sustainer power build plan
  • The Boston Marathon (2:59)
  • Joe Freil big day workout (huge confidence booster)
  • Dropped all strength training post Boston

By the numbers:

  • 16:48:00 of swimming, 49 950m (12.9%)
  • 77:21:08 of cycling (59.5%)
  • 31:28:51 of running, 419km (24.2%)
  • 4:25:00 of strength (3.4%)
  • 130:02:59 total (approximately 14.5hours/week)
  • FTP increase from 280-300 (did not actually test my FTP, just continued to bump it up when bike intervals no longer seared my lungs)
  • Peak run week was 78.4km (35.55k was done over various brick runs)
  • 4 days of no workouts (day before/after Boston, and 2 days before IM simulation workout)
  • 5:00:00 IM simulation ride was 221W average power, 228W normalized power (167km)
  • 2:00:00 IM simulation run was 4:26/km for 27.1km.
  • Only 3/9 weeks I got in over 6000m in the pool (I aim to do at least 7000m/week)

What I did well:

  • The IM simulation big day workout was a huge success.
    • The day didn’t start off well at Centennial Pool, it was way to chaotic to do any sort of workout.
    • My bike goal was 210-215W average.  I was riding a 41km loop.  After 3 loops I was at 218W feeling strong and I decided I’d push a little harder the last loop.  I managed 221W and felt good.
    • On the run I wanted to run 4:30’s for 2 hours.  Between the bike and run I ate too much and had stomach cramps for the first 7k.  I told myself to just keep moving forward and I eventually overcame them.  My pace, and outlasting the cramps make me feel good about IM Whistler.
  • Got in all my key build bike workouts
  • Nutrition focus on the bike.
    • On the trainer I noticed my energy level was much higher late in workouts if I took in a steady stream of fuel.  On my long rides I’ve focused on doing this, as well as using the same fuel I plan to use during the race (honey waffles).

What I didn’t do so well:

  • Not enough swimming!  This was a mix of being sick, the PanAM pool closing (with it’s awesome hours), and not making this enough of a priority.
  • Not enough run workouts.  I always tried to get in a 5k brick at 4:30/km pace or better off the bike.  I also got in a long run a week.  But I didn’t do much other running.
  • I need to improve recovery.  This may fly in the face of wanting to swim and run more, but I also mean recovery in terms of getting in the right foods right after workouts, and getting enough sleep.  I need to do a better job of this.

What’s up next:

  • 9 weeks of Ironman specific training.
    • More sessions outside
    • Focusing on even watts on hilly terrain
    • My second IM simulation day
    • Longer weekly brick
  • Challenge Quassy 70.3
    • I’ll be looking to ride around 240W and run under 1:30
  • Open water swimming
    • I’d like to have at least 10 open water swims under my belt before I toe the line in Whistler