As 2015 comes to a close it was an incredible year.  I got to travel to some new and incredible places, I pushed my body further than I ever had before, and I got to meet some awesome people along the way.

2015 Travel Stats

  • New continents visited: 1 (South America)
  • New countries visited: 2 (Ecuador, and Panama)
  • New provinces visited: 1 (British Columbia)
  • New states visited: 5 (California, Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Wisconsin)
  • Trips: 10 (New York City weekend, San Diego Training, Boston Marathon, Connecticut Challenge Quassy, Niagara-on-the-Lake wine tour, Lake Placid Training, Whistler Ironman, Whistling Straits PGA Championship, Niagara Barrelman, Ecuador and Galapagos backpacking)
  • Nights away: 49

Where I’ve been in 2015

Challenge Quassy Half Ironman

San Diego

Boston Marathon

New York City

Whistling Straits PGA Championship

Lake Placid Training

Niagara-on-the-Lake Wine Tour

Whistler Ironman Canada


Quito, Ecuador

Cuyabeno Reserve Amazon Rainforest

Banos, Ecuador

Quilota Lake, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands

Los Angeles

2015 Endurance Stats

  • Hours of exercise: 619
  • Time spent swimming: 78:12:08
  • Distance swam: 204,170m (equivalent to Toronto to Barrie, round trip)
  • Time spent cycling: 335:25:49
  • Approximate distance cycled: 10,952km (similar to cycling to Nicaragua and back to Toronto)
  • Time spent running: 164:42:59
  • Distance run: 2,137km (same as running Toronto to Orlando)
  • Races completed: 8
  • Running events completed: 5
  • Triathlons completed: 3