This year I have no plans to complete an Ironman or a marathon.  I competed in both last year and was very happy with my results, but I do not love the training that goes into achieving said results.  I much prefer short, fast workouts that make your heart race and lungs burn.

Planned ‘A’ Races

  • Syracuse 70.3 (June 22)
  • Edmonton ITU AG World Final (Sept 1)

Last year I heard nothing but bad things about Syracuse; it’s too hot, it’s too hilly, the water is gross, it’s poorly organized, the parking situation is a mess.  Despite all of this I have decided to do the race.  Tremblant 70.3, which I did last year, is the same weekend and a far more attractive race.  It sold out very quickly, and I’ve been around that course 3 times (once at IMMT 70.3 and twice at IMMT) and want to go somewhere new.  Syracuse is at the right time of year for when I want to do a race, and it’s also relatively close (about 4.5 hour drive).  Additionally it gives me a long shot chance of qualifying for the 70.3 Worlds (also in Tremblant), though I’d likely need to go sub 4:30 to even have a chance.

Edmonton ITU AG (Age Group) World Final is something I’m really excited about.  As I kid I dreamed of competing for Canada in some manor.  This race will hardly have the glamour of an Olympic Games or professional World Championship, but regardless I will get to wear the red and white.  This is going to be my first time flying to a race so I will need to learn a bit about disassembling my bike and putting it back together between now and then.

Other Races

  • 10k run (never done one before)
  • Early season sprint triathlon (tune up for Syracuse)
  • Summer triathlon (something mid-July to early August)
  • Half marathon (only if I think I have a shot at a fast time)

I love racing and would like to spread out 4-6 other races through the spring-fall.  At the same time I learned from my training for the Hamilton Marathon that focused, uninterrupted training can provide tremendous improvements.  Races can cause you to miss workouts, which in turn can affect your training.  Plus there are all the fees associated with racing that can add up.