I’ve hit a roadblock again in my training.  My first week and a half of Ironman specific training for Ironman Maryland was great, and then I woke up today.  All day I’ve been tired and fatigued, and I couldn’t even get in an easy spin.  It feels like just when I was making some great progress I’ve taken a step back.

The Good (my 1 step forward)

  • I’ve had a run focus to reintroduce some speed into my training, something I’ve lacked this year and most of last.  I had a great track workout last Tuesday, I was only so-so about my tempo run Friday, but then I had a great long run that included a tough pyramid of intervals that I was super happy with.  I managed to log 88k last week.
  • This week I had another great track workout Tuesday.
  • Last week at my open water swim I was happy with my laps at Cherry Beach in rough conditions.  This week the water was calm and I swam laps faster than I ever have at Cherry Beach, I was able to get out to good starts, and I felt like my pull was really strong.
  • Lisa and I did our first long ride.  I got in a good set of 6x15min @ Half Ironman intervals.

The Bad (2 steps back)

  • Yesterday on my bike I didn’t have any power in my legs and I first downgraded my power for my workout, and then I cut it early.
  • My shins were really sore after running home from swim, a sign that I’m tired.
  • Today I woke up exhausted.  I figured I’d do an easy spin for an hour or two on my bike, but I just had nothing in my legs.


  • I don’t really know.
  • The obvious answer is I need more rest, but I didn’t actually work out THAT much in relation to what a number of other people do.  When I’m not working out I’m off my feet for most of the day.  I get 8 hours of sleep most nights.
  • My weight did dip slightly.  I’m not entirely sure why/how.  I’ve basically been eating non-stop when I’m not working out.  Contrary to what some might thing based on how I fuel some bike workouts, I get in a lot of vegetables and lean proteins.  So I don’t think my body is lacking for nutrients.
  • I don’t take any supplements, and I haven’t had a blood test in a while.  It seems like a lot of people are on iron, B vitamins, etc.  I’ve never been big on supplements, so I wouldn’t even know where to start.