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2017 Ironman Louisville Race Report

Been a while since I've done one of these because I've been doing the weekly videos instead.  I decided I'd do a race report that is a little more on the technical side. Pre Race My prep leading into Ironman Louisville was amazing.  As I eluded to in one of my videos,...

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VLOG 33 – Friday at Ironman Lake Placid

Friday was a busy day in Lake Placid. I swam, went for a little spin, checked in, attended the pro meeting, stopped by the Bacon Meet N Greet, walked around the expo, and got to volunteer at the IronKids race. The plan was to get a lot done so that Saturday could be...

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IM Lake Placid 3 & 2 Weeks Out

It's time for the final training push in week 3, and then hit the taper in week 2. 3 Weeks Out It's time to get in the final couple key sessions before I shut things down to taper.  My focus for the week is: Big swim week, I want to get in at least 20k Long, quality...

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IM Lake Placid 5 & 4 Weeks Out

Over the last couple weeks my focus has been recovering from my big training block in Lake Placid, and then getting in some long quality rides. 5 Weeks Out After putting in a big block in Lake Placid priority number one was absorbing all that training and recovering....

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VLOG 30 – My Bike-Run Race Nutrition

Race nutrition is a favourite topic for most triathletes. Everyone has an opinion on what is the best, and what you should avoid. I try to keep it simple, and ideally I live off the course. Most races offer Gatorade on the bike, so that is what I usually use. I...

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Sunday I raced the first race in the Skechers MultiSport Canada Series, the Welland Long Course Triathlon. It was a 2k swim, 56k bike, 15k run. I had a solid swim, my first race in my new Dare2Tri Challenge 4Speed Wetsuit, and then my legs were completely flat on the...

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