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VLOG 64 – Why I Got a Coach

For the 2018 season I decided to get a coach. I feel like I've make some great gains and got a lot out of myself through self-coaching, but I decided it was time to try a coach to get a new perspective and a fresh set of eyes on my training. I decided to go with Frank...

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VLOG 63 – Testing the new MachV.5 wetsuit

I recently got to test out a sample of the new Dare2Tri Mach V.5 wetsuit. I followed the following test protocol: Warm-up: 500 Steady, 8x50 strong w/ 0:20 rest Test: 100 easy, 2x100 on 3:00 Repeat test with swimskin, Challenge 4Speed wetsuit, and MachV.5 wetsuit. I...

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VLOG 59 – 2017 Year in Review

In 2017 I trained and raced more than ever before. Swim – 20.2%, 156:17:31, 550,785m, 1509m/day Bike – 48.9%, 379:05:57, Approx. 12,500km, 1:02/day Run – 24.7%, 191:28:22, 2424k, 6.64km/day Other (Strength, other sports) – 6.2%, 48:20:23 Races - 19 total, 1386.55km...

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VLOG 58 – Vegas Cycling Trip

Just before Christmas Lisa and I headed down to Vegas with our bikes to escape the cold and ride outside. Our plans were to spend a couple days riding in Death Valley, and then ride around the Las Vegas area. The trip didn't disappoint. There were great roads,...

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VLOG 57 – My New Favourite Ride

The scenic drive in Red Rock Canyon is my new favourite ride. I got to ride it twice on a recent cycling trip that took me through Las Vegas and Death Valley. It’s a 20-minute drive from the strip and has everything; beautiful views, perfect roads, climbs, funs and...

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VLOG 56 – My Budget Road Bike Build

Really excited to add a second bike to the stable, a 2012 Specialized Roubaix SL3. As per usual, I built the bike as a budget build, spending under $700 all in. There's nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on the latest and greatest bikes, but you don't need to...

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